A Dash of Coriander

The vegans are taking over!

Last year was huge for veganism, celebs are preaching it, January turned into Veganuary, restaurants everywhere are adding vegan options and I’m liking the direction this movement is going. It’s been just over four months since I’ve exited my food rut and re-entered the world of veganism, I should have never stopped. There’s countless reasons why I’ve found this ‘diet’ to work the best for me. One of the main ones being that I’ve suffered with digestive issues for roughly 2 years now and still don’t know the cause. However, going vegan has 100% eased it. It makes me feel healthier, my skin thanks me for it and of course I could preach all day about the environmental and animal benefits.

Anyway, I’ll save you from that speech for now and instead give you a glimpse of todays meals (snacks not included). There’s a running theme of coriander, not intentional, I’m just a big fan. I’m going to post some more complicated recipe ideas soon but I thought these were pretty self explanatory.

I’m about to have a stab at making a chocolate-avocado mousse, doesn’t sound too delish but hopefully I’ll be proved wrong. Wish me luck…

Breakfast – avocado and tomatoes on toast with coriander and a squeeze of lime
Lunch – brown pasta, pesto, mushrooms, tomatoes and coriander
Dinner – butternut squash soup with coriander

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